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Lisa Genova: 'Still Alice' explores love and loss of Alzheimer�s

Jim Mann: Nearly 15 per cent of people with dementia under 65

Diane Thornton: Too Young for Dementia?

James McKillop: We're Not Stupid

Richard Bozanich: A View of Early-Stage Alzheimer�s Disease: From Diagnosis to Treatment and Activism

Donna Beveridge: Staring down Alzheimer's

Claude Couturier/France and Marcel Brasey/Switzerland: "Le Monde 2" 10 0ct.2007: "Alzheimer, récits d'un exile intérieur"(3.5MB)

Richard Bozanich: Man with Alzheimer's stresses cherishing life

James Smith: Alzheimer's Cure

Chuck Jackson: Living With Alzheimer�s Before a Window Closes

Richard Taylor: Reluctant Expert

Carole Mulliken, Charley Schneider, Jaye Lander: That's What You Call a Screen Saver

Gerry Michalak, Tracy Mobley, Charley Schneider: Alzheimer's Today

Chuck Jackson: Changing Face of Alzheimer's

Charles Schneider: People with Alzheimer's can be productive

Mary McKinley: Picton Gazette: Feb 3, 2006

Christine Bryde: 'I live in a little cloud'

Lynn Jackson: Those with dementia urged to get living wills

Tracy Mobley 1 - Tracy Mobley 2 - Tracy Mobley 3 - Tracy Mobley 4

Jack McKillop: "Opening Shutters-Opening Minds"

Elaine Wright: Journey to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Christine Jonas-Simpson: People with dementia 'want to be heard,' expert says

Marilyn: Alzheimer patient offers message of hope at Society's Annual Meeting

Chip Gerber: The Long Goodbye

Elaine Wright: New peaks for Alzheimer's mom

Norma Selbie: Exercising the brain may keep memory alive

Chip Gerber and Mary Lockhart: Early Onset Alzheimer's Brings Special Challenges(Article begins on page 1 and continues on page 11)

Brian McNaughton: Into the Unknown

Ruth Harris: 'The stigma is incredible': Woman adjusts to living with Alzheimer’s

Ben Stevens: For Alzheimer's patients, an opportunity to connect

Mary Lockhart: New Scanning Methods Help Detect Alzheimer's Early Signs

Mary Lockhart and Alice Young Blog to Cope With Alzheimer's Fog

Lynn Jackson: Interview with the Regina Leader-Post

Inventions by People with Dementia

NUMERO - This is an incredible learning game and has taken off like wildfire around the world. All proceeds from the sale of this game go to the Australian Alzheimer's Society.

Song by James McKillop

Poem by Tracy Mobley

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