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Song written by James McKillop - Scotland


Just look through my eyes
And then surely you'll see
The spirit of the person
Still deep down within me
But when I'm looking outwards
I'm still me, despite being, so much
Diff'rently The Same

Mmm - Mmm things easy before
Can be much harder now
A - a fond memory sought
Will furrow my brow
Amidst all of this turmoil
Doggedness enables me, to cope
Diff'rently the Same

I am still your friend
from your far off schooldays
Your ever-loving spouse
ever since our wedding day
I'm still your father
Your mother who
was forever there when you were needing me most
I'm your big sister, your little brother
I'm the person who needs all of your understanding
Though things inside me are changing
I still love you all, though I've become
So Diff'rently The-e Same

Odd looks come my way
When I fail to disguise
A feeling lost expression
That comes clouding my eyes
But what's the alternative
To sitting, housebound feeling, sadly
Diff'rently The Same

Mmm Mmm friends of bygone years
Don't know how to react
Some speak past me in hushed tones
Others have less tact
And fidget in my presence
Yet some day, they might also, become
Diff'rently The Same

James McKillop